are You Aware of the dangers LURKING in public restrooms? for you!

...Taking your kids to an amusement park for the day

Imagine that you are...

...or like any other individual who is forced to use a germ-ridden public bathroom on some occasion.

...on a road trip with limited access to restrooms

....At a sporting event with thousands of other people

Why Do YOU Need a Tidy Potty?

Do you think paper protects you from THIS?

then the tidy potty...
then the tidy potty
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Most toilets spray out a plume with a height of 6 ft. and a width of 10 ft., repeatedly coating everything in this area with the bacteria and viruses in the toilet bowl. 

Microscopic parasites, such as pubic lice (also known as Crabs) are left on many toilet seats.

Why Tidy Potty Instead of Paper?

These are just the debris & germs you CAN see.

If you saw everything, you'd run to get your Tidy Potty immediately!

Viruses like Chlamydia,(top left),Bacteria like Gonorrhea(upper right),and E-coli (lower left), even the cold virus (lower right), love to hang out and party on toilet seats.

  • ​The free, paper toilet seat covers found in most public restrooms are not as protective as you think...
  • There are 300-500 million germs as well as visible residue left on toilet seats after each flush.​
  • You are vulnerable to these without the protection of plastic.