Paper products offer very little protection from the germs lurking in public restrooms.

What sets TidyPotty apart from our competition?

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Some are plastic but not portable, inevitably leaving you stranded when you need it the most.  ​

Other products are no match for the Tidy Potty...

The Tidy Potty is equipped with sanitary Tidy Wipes for your added convenience and protection from germs elsewhere in the restroom.

Each Tidy Potty is uniquely designed to meet your individuality. With so many different colors and patterns available, you are sure to find a design that fits your personality while providing you with the protection and sanitation you deserve


Unlike our competitors, the Tidy Potty is plastic, portable, and  protective.

It is designed to suit the needs of each individual customer.

Most importantly, it is still 100% flushable.

No other products can say the same!