FLUSHABLE pl​astic toilet seat covers


Finally, a toilet seat cover that will truly protect you and your family from the unsanitary conditions of any public restroom, porta potty, or anywhere else you feel uncomfortable,  is now available... Introducing the Tidy Potty!

Beaucoupdeforce Solutions & Tidy Potty, LLC. created a safe, flushable, plastic, biodegradable, toilet seat cover that is sturdy, yet thin and pliable, but still offers 100% barrier protection against moisture, microbes, parasites and debris. Because of its clever design of smartly placed elastic for a secure fit on any toilet seat and two (2) tabs placed strategically to denote proper placement and enable easy removal, the Tidy Potty can be easily and securely applied and removed to and from any toilet seat, without touching any part of the toilet whatsoever!

The seat covers arrive in a  fashionablediscrete, ultra portable, and refillable dispenser we call a TPD (Tidy Potty Dispenser). This innovative dispenser's design also includes a roll of fifteen (15) very handy hypo-allergenic wet wipes we call Tidy Wipes that can be used to wipe anything you need cleaned, including you and/or your surroundings.


How many times have you been at school or work, shopping in a mall, enjoying a concert, an amusement park, or some other public event and suddenly nature calls?

Once you and your family are carrying our new Tidy Potty, your worries are a thing of the past. Each refillable Tidy Potty Dispenser (TPD) is equipped with (3) flushable plastic toilet seat covers, and (15) hypo-allergenic Tidy Wipes.

Tidy Potty Dispenser

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Be Prepared...

What Are We Worried About ?

Viruses like Chlamydia,(top left),Bacteria like Gonorrhea(upper right),and E-coli (lower left), even the cold virus (lower right), love to hang out and party on toilet seats...